Inventory System for Non-Profit Hav A Sole

User Description: Los Angeles based Non-Profit, Hav A Sole 501(c)3 (HAS)

User Need: Inventory System to manage 2000+ units of footwear.

Stakeholders: HAS Founder and Operations Manager, HAS Grant Writer, HAS Business Development Manager

Existing Tool: Handwritten log in Notebook

Solution: Fully customized inventory system utilizing Google Suite Applications.

Research Process: Performed site visit to identify current organization process, reviewed existing processes with HAS founder (inventory intake, storage, donation).

Design and Launch Process: Utilized Google Sheets to build Incoming and Outgoing Inventory files along with Active Inventory file that provided realtime reporting and event data to be utilized during Business Development and Grant Writing Processes. Setup Blue Tooth handheld scanners and generate SKU numbers to individually identify each inventory unit.


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August 18, 2019